Nordic Walking

The fastest growing fitness activity in the world!

Nordic walking is an extremely effective way of keeping fit that was developed by cross-country skiers, who needed to keep fit “out of season”. Walking with poles provides an “all-over body” workout …(similar to walking in four-wheel drive)… it essentially uses the upper body muscles as well as the lower body muscles.

additional facts:

  • Uses 90% of your body muscle mass…combining upper body with lower body muscles
  • Great for weight loss and weight management because of a 46% calorie consumption increase.
  • Increases your heart rate by 10-15% more than normal walking.
  • Highly effective cardio-vascular workout which results in better blood circulation.
  • Reduces load on knees and other joints.
  • Rotates the spine, strengthens the spinal discs and reduces the incidence of back pain.
  • Proven stress reduction.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Bone density increased through added resistance.
  • Posture and Balance improved.
  • Benefits a range of conditions, including arthritis, back pain, cardiac syndromes, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, obesity, osteoporosis, repetitive stress injury, thoracic outlet syndrome and depression.

profile 238Initial instruction is recommended to employ correct technique, but the simple requirement of a pair of Nordic poles and access to open spaces, ensures that Nordic walking is an affordable and highly accessible form of exercise. It is entirely suited to people who enjoy and appreciate the countryside, particularly Dartmoor, as the poles are easily adapted to uneven or boggy ground, as well as the odd granite Tor you may encounter whilst experiencing the rugged beauty of Dartmoor! However, the benefits of exercising outdoors are not restricted to breathing in clean fresh-air and a heightened appreciation of our natural surroundings, they include positive mood enhancement, increased sunlight exposure and absorption of Vitamin D, as well as using more calories as we face ever-changing weather conditions and engage core muscles to adapt to the challenge of uneven terrain.

As fitness develops, strength and stride will increase and results in greater distance at improved speed, with the added benefits of a faster metabolism, bodily weight-loss and improved toning.

As well as individual training sessions, where the focus is absolutely on you for maximum effect and benefit, I can offer tailor-made group packages to help visitors learn a new skill whilst exploring Dartmoor together.  I  can deliver corporate packages of Nordic Walking and overall fitness to facilitate motivation and team building through the healthy enjoyment of Dartmoor.

 Love Dartmoor Nordic Walking Events

  • One2One Nordic Walking tuition and fitness workshopsindividual sessions at your convenience….Learn to Nordic walk on Dartmoor where the focus is entirely on you!  As well as learning the correct technique and use of poles,  I am a Personal trainer and Pilates Instructor who will instruct on gait and posture to become a stronger, more effective walker….crucial for the added benefits of weight loss and toning…..These sessions also offer an opportunity for me to showcase the added fitness benefits and features of Dartmoor, which is a powerful package for physical and (often overlooked) psychological health!…..simply contact Elaine to learn more.
  • Nordic Walking workshop for Beginners: contact me for dates.
  • Nordic Trek Fitness and Pilates Weekends on Dartmoor! (residential)  Nordic Walking for Fitness and Health on Dartmoor…(as featured in Womens Walking magazine and the Guardian) see Events and Treks or Residential Breaks pages for more details.