Holidays and Residential Groups

Love Dartmoor specialises in organising Adventure and Activity breaks designed around Health and Fitness. Staying in quality accommodation at in the very heart of Dartmoor, you can relax and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded souls as we learn and practise a new activity or skill like Nordic walking.

Nordic Walking (walking in 4 wheel drive), Adventure Trekking, Fitness Training, and Pilates are all activities to be enjoyed on Dartmoor, and even wild swimming, when the weather permits!

Elaine’s career has included a repertoire of skills, including Teaching/Lecturing, Public Relations, Guiding, Personal Training and Pilates, and is able to provide a stimulating, informative and cohesive experience to unite and excite any group of mixed ability whilst enjoying the wonderful scenery of Dartmoor, and beyond!

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